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Below I’m gonna tell you a short story about why we exist and why it’s worth your time to request custom pricing on a Tonneau Cover from

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We skipped the shiney expensive showrooms, said NO to sponsoring race cars and boat shows. 

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We help you buy smarter by cutting out middleman and getting warehouse direct pricing without the fluff.

I’m a regular guy who got a new truck and hated the total lack of transparency when buying a steps.

So we started this website to make sure Savvy DIYer’s had a safe place to get a good direct deal with customers service if something doesn’t go right…

“What did you say? Thing go wrong sometimes?”

Yeah! Fedex and UPS are great a damaging large items like side steps and tonneau covers.

Don’t worry. Our team has your back. We experts and making sure you don’t get left holding a very expensive damage box

How do you know taking a few seconds to use our ugly website is the way to go? How about 1000’s of happy customers

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How do we all do this? Our unique business model let’s us be unbiased, but also pay our bills: just like Google and Facebook. We don’t care what sidesteps or Cover you buy, just that you get the right cover for your needs. 

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David Wolf
Founding Partner

I told you at the beginning….

It’s not rocket science. We just save people money and make a little bit in the process. It’s a win win. Get started by clicking the link below… 

OK, now we are gonna have to break out the meat and potatoes to convince you…

Check out what Patty the Leprechaun has to say about (it’s really David doing a poor impression of a leprechaun, but it’s get the point across)


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