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I used to make tons of money overcharging people for AMP Powersteps, but that was before TonneauCovered.com came along. Now I spend my days on the couch eating pizza and watching TV because I can’t compete with their Warehouse direct prices. I don’t know how they do it! At least a few people still overpay because they think they are getting a good deal on Ebay. Curse you TonneauCovered!

Out Of Work Middle Man (Sorry Big Guy)

Tonneau Cover Searches

Real People Helped

Buying A Tonneau Cover Or Other Truck Accessories Used To Stink. Used To Mean Talking To A Sleazy Middleman. Now, We’ve Got Your Back.

Wow… big Internet retailers are charging you 11-25% more for the same new, unopened, from the factory tonneau cover, and the Find My Tonneau Report is the “Underground way to buying a tonneau cover for less.”

Here’s how it works. We don’t make tonneau cover ourselves. We just help you find covers and buy smarter by cutting out middleman and getting warehouse direct pricing. I’m a regular guy who got a new truck and hated the total lack of transparency when buying a truck bed cover. So I made this tonneau cover search engine to make sure you don’t get ripped off. You might even call it “Trivago” for tonneau covers.

1 million searches in and…

-Buyers love us 😁 Ask recent truck bed cover owners and look through 100’s of 5-star reviews.

-Big tonneau cover retailers hate us 😈 With all the overhead, they can’t compete with the shockingly low prices on new, unopened tonneau covers, created by our website and team.

We’re helping the little guys beat the big guys.

Me and my team have personally tested all the retailers we sell. They have served over a hundred thousand of our users with satisfied reviews. And we even help you search the hard to find warehouses for tonneau covers, just like where your great grandpappy used to get his truck parts.

Even if you shop with the big guys, DO NOT BUY without first using our free tonneau cover price & quality check. Our experts and will rate any tonneau cover for free – and most of the time, find the identical tonneau cover cheaper.

How do we all do this for free? Our unique business model let’s us be unbiased, but also pay our bills: just like Google and Facebook, we get paid when you click on and get tonneau covers.

If you need help, my email is tonneaucovered@tonneaucovered.com


Wherever you buy, we’ve got your back,
David Wolf
Founding Partner

We love getting pictures like this after you use our tonneau cover search engine and find the best deal!

Thanks for the shout out, Antonio!

Awesome Beardsman

“I love my new cover and it was pretty easy to install… even this Gramma had it installed in a little over an hour… you guys are the best… I’m sure my Son-in-law will be ordering one soon… thanks for the super fast shipping!”


Proud Nebraskan

“I love my hard 2.0 cover & can’t believe the quick service & delivery. It was less than 12 hrs.”

(Ray’s delivery was of a typical speed. kind of cool when that happens)


Austin, Texas