BAKFlip MX4 Review: Everything You Should Know Before Buying

Do you think your pickup truck is good to go without a tonneau cover?

Think again!

You’ve invested in a nice pickup truck and you’ll probably be carrying loads of cargo on the truck bed. While the exterior design and look of your truck are surely going to make heads turn, an unprotected truck bed can be an invitation for thieves.

Yes, you heard that right!

Tonneau covers are the first line of protection against theft. Besides, harsh weather conditions can damage your goods as well as the bed of your beloved truck if you haven’t got it covered. Ask any pickup truck owner and they’ll tell you that a good-quality tonneau cover is a must-have accessory for a hassle-free, pleasant driving experience.

BAK Industries Heard You!

BAK Industries is a popular name in the world of tonneau covers. They are a one-stop manufacturing company that offers a wide range of products to suit the specific needs of different truck drivers. However, all of their products have three things in common: durability, quality, and reliability.

One of their most popular products is the BAKFlip MX4. This innovative product is the perfect solution for the owners of the latest Ford, Dodge, and Chevy pickup trucks. It complements the design and functionality of modern vehicles like no other and is specially designed for truck owners who are always on the go!

Introducing the BAKFlip MX4

From our experience, almost all truck bed covers focus on either user convenience or cargo protection. However, the BAKFlip MX4 offers the perfect combination of both.

The Design

This heavy-duty truck bed cover features aluminum panels that can be folded inward to make it sturdier and more rigid than most of the traditional tonneau covers available in the market.

The BAKFlip MX4 allows easy and quick bed access for everyday use. It has been made using high-quality, durable materials to ensure maximum protection against theft, rough weather, and water damage.


This truck bed cover is lightweight and user-friendly, which means that its installation will be a breeze. It saves you the time, frustration, and effort of drilling and adjusting because it is specially designed to fit the truck beds of modern trucks. You simply have to clamp it onto the truck bed.

Cover removal is also a hassle-free process. The best thing is that it doesn’t leave a mark on the truck bed to ensure that your vehicle looks as good and sleek as new in the long run. You can easily set this truck bed cover up in minutes, that too on your own!

Maximum Safety and Durability

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the BAKFlip MX4 is highly durable despite being lightweight. It fits perfectly on the tailgate to keep your cargo secure, even when you’re traveling with high speed. The hard cover panel guarantees to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes. Apart from that, this impressive truck bed cover can hold up to 400 lbs of weight while keeping the condition of your truck bed intact.

Integrated Tailgate Seal

With the BAKFlip MX4, you can easily open and close the tailgate without having to adjust the cover. This ensures quick access to the truck bed when you’re on the go.

Excellent Resistance Properties

The BAKFlip MX4 boasts impressive resistance against leaks and scratches. The aluminum metal has a matte finish, which makes it highly resistant to the harmful UV rays as well. In addition to this, this truck bed cover resists heat, water, ozone, steam, and even the roughest of weather conditions. Its water resistance power comes from the electric insulator, which keeps moisture out to make sure the bed of the truck remains dry.


  • The aluminum matte finish is highly resistant to scratches and UV rays
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Low-profile, quad-fold design
  • Offers third brake light visibility
  • Integrated tailgate seal
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Although very water-resistant, it isn’t 100% waterproof
  • There is no lock system but the cover can’t be opened if the tailgate is locked
  • The sealing of the product takes some time
  • The drain tube installation may require drilling in some trucks

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a foolproof solution for heavy cargo protection, the BAKFlip MX4 is a steal! Right from the installation process, it provides optimal user convenience. Considering its excellent resistance power and impeccable design, it is a great option for pickup truck owners who travel long distances. The best thing about this cover is that is highly affordable and offers the best value for money. Purchase this all-season truck bed cover today for pleasant, hassle-free truck rides tomorrow!