Your #1 Tip To Save Money On Your Tonneau Cover

If you want to save money on parts, then pay careful attention to this truck bed covers tip.

The Main Idea Of This Tip Is: Help You Understand The Difference Between Online Prices And Local Shop Prices

The core idea pickup truck owners need to grasp with this tip is the fact that we get better prices on covers locally than online.

You read that right. You’ll save more in one place over the other.

The most important thing to get with this tip is if you call our shop you will get the same great local shop rate that we give to customers who walk into our store. But you can order over the phone and have it shipped to your door. Yes, you can order online and get the same discount.

Just give us a call and we will send one to your door with the same savings. Anywhere in the United States. Call now 844-233-6204

We do this because we started our parts business online. Then we launched our local shops later. But we want to continue giving you our low prices. Both online and in store.

Pickup truck owners need to understand this tip spells the difference between success and failure because most people buy from big websites and spend around $100 more on their tonneau cover.

If you do this you’ll find out you spent too much a week later when your partner calls us to double check the price. And, after you get your cover from the other guys… it will be too late… you won’t be able to send your cover back to them without paying their “restocking” fees where they put it back on the shelf for the next customer… why not just save money now and avoid all that?.

So now you should
1. Tell us your truck year, make, model, and bed length. Call us at 844-233-6204
2. Pick out a tonneau cover you like, and tell us that too
3. We lookup the part in our parts database to find today’s best price.

One more thing before I forget. Did you know, if you’ve ever wanted a whole lot more detail about truck bed covers, this new free price lookup has the answers every pickup truck owner needs. Click Here: